About Us

MMC is a brand new music store with a new brand philosophy. “Hand Made in the Blue Ridge”

Our location on the Blue Ridge Plateau in Southwestern Virginia is the cradle of mountain music and the birthplace of country, oldtime and bluegrass recording and performance. Our town and county of Floyd is unique as a home for a growing alternative community who’s musical interests range from mountain music to African drum, native flute, jam bands and world music. It is the most natural thing in the world that we also make our own instruments and microphones.

How it started

We started our store with this in mind. Instead of beginning our inventory with a large order of instruments and accessories from overseas and points south we have decided to begin with a large inventory of instruments and accessories made in our county, our state and our own country. (in that order)

At this time it is well worth mentioning that in order to offer quality student and beginner instruments, books and accessories we do have to order from large wholesale suppliers who buy overseas. We don’t like it, and will continue to search for competitively priced stock here at home.

As you browse our store you’ll find the best in handmade acoustic instruments and microphones, and as time goes by you’ll be able to read the stories of these Blue Ridge and Virginia luthiers.

As our inventory grows we’ll be on a continued mission to be the meeting place for North American builders of instruments, microphones and accessories.

Please continue to browse our inventory, hear anything you like being played, and if you have any questions I’m sure we can answer them for you.


Mike&Conni; Mitchell